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In other words, every patron, no matter what bracket of ticket they purchase, will have a guaranteed seat in the main auditorium where the major guests appear and events take place.There's no worrying, extra waiting, or additional charges to see the celebrities and events you want to see during all FIVE daytime schedules in the main and secondary theaters.and we're just as excited today as always about presenting the talents we love to our fellow fans. Lucas (who made his first appearance at our Official Star Wars Convention) was to Mr. At that show, FYI, Lucas announced he was going to do more Star Wars films after the original three. At this particular show, the studio is approving all vendors for this 51st Anniversary Convention.Who knew we'd be seeing brand new Star Wars and Star Trek even to this very day: it's awesome! Please do not purchase a booth or table without an okay from us (which we will get from the studio).Those of you who've tried your hand with online dating know this to be true: every date has the potential to be absolutely terrible, regardless of how well you think it'll go based on the photos you've seen and the texts you've received.This particular date was full of awkward silences, even though our text banter was fantastic.

Soon we’ll have our own professional shots and videos from 2016 and if you have anything unique you’d like up here please send it to [email protected] virtually every other genre fan convention, Creation Entertainment has a strict policy not to "oversell" our conventions.For those of you who’ve never been on these sites (or at least tell people you haven’t), there’s usually a place for guys to enter their income on their dating profile, it looks like this on match.com: So now we know this guy’s an English speaking liberal dancer who loves dogs, awesome. Whatever the case is, girls are left making of assumptions about a guy’s career since a lot of them don’t indicate how much money they make.Guys have it made because we know that nearly every girl puts her picture up (my guy friends have confirmed this for me).Here’s the problem: we now know based on that study that if a guy makes over 0,000, a girl is most likely going to be more interested in him than a guy who makes a lot less, but is hotter.So how are we really supposed to compare apples to apples if some guys tell us how much money they make and others don’t? because we don’t know what we want unless we have something else to compare it to.

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