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A claims provider in Share Point Server issues claims and packages claims into security tokens, that is, into the user's token.When a user signs in to Share Point Server, the user's token is validated and then used to sign in to Share Point.A company phone book application is part of nearly every Share Point portal. Simply connect a native Share Point list directly to an Active Directory LDAP query.The results are cached in the list and updated regulary. views, search, attachments, change notifications, workflows to improve your application.A lot of people posted about this but could not get anything to work.I am trying to get the user's username and password on an form (the same username and password which the user uses to login to their computer on a domain).Fig.: After update you have a native list with your Active Directory data query results.

In the augmentation role, a claims provider augments a user token with claims during sign-in. NET membership provider - that needs to be configured separately and correctly, not sure if you could use it without all the setup and everything.I wouldn't use it - unless you're already using ASP. I am using the Principal Context to validate the user.Although I provide valid username and password, but always returns false.

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