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But if Belle could get away with it, then so can I. Sure, he faked his own tales of heroism — but I'd listen to him spin a million webs of lies if it meant I could spend one majestic night alone with him in the Forbidden Forest. Mungo's, of course.) -Whitney Jefferson Guys, guys, guys hold on a second, let's talk about George freaking Weasley. If you’re into long blonde locks, man ponytails, and malicious Death Eaters then look no further. Lupin has a dark tortured secret (he's a werewolf, lol), dresses like a paralegal Belle and Sebastian fan, and is sufficiently sexually ambiguous (girls love that) that Thewlis thought the character was gay for the first few books until he marries Nymphadora Tonks. Here are a few choice words to describe Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt: Tall.

You can take me to the Forbidden Forest any time you want, Firenze. Not only does has he got the whole one-eared tortured artist thing going on, but also he gets bonus points for, you know, surviving till the end of the series (sorry Fred). -Krutika Mallikarjuna Viktor Krum is 100% fine wizard beef. If you want to be properly touched, there's no better person to go to than a dementor, inventor of the KISS. Look, you're a dirty liar if you say you don't want a chance to run your hands through that luscious beard. Devoted father of seven and successful employee of the Ministry for Magic, Arthur Weasley is the DILF to end all DILFs. For me, the most delicious ginger biscuit is best served aged, like a fine red(-haired) wine. Sadly Yaxley isn’t really into half-bloods or Muggles, but I bet with a little bit of charm you could “magic” your way into his stern, cold heart. Speaking of Tonks, they are by far the best couple in the series; they're like the Kim and Thurston of Hogwarts, without the cheating but more of the tragic death.

Had a Roman soldier stepped foot in the Temple, it would literally have started a riot. Another glaring inaccuracy is the fact that the film portrays Jesus as having lived in Egypt for seven years before the death of Herod the Great. C., indicating that they were only hiding in Egypt for a few months to a year at most. Would a Roman centurion really be taking orders from Herod Archelaus? many of these points do not effect the entertainment value of the film, and most “Biblical” films have even less historical accuracy.

In fact, while Gentiles were allowed in the “outer courtyard” of the Temple, no Gentile was ever permitted to step foot inside the Temple itself. Traditional dating has Jesus born December 25, 5 B. He would have been in his mid-forties when He died, despite the Bible clearly describing His ministry as beginning when He was in His early 30s (Luke ). Perhaps not, but it does beg the question as to how “rooted in history” the film is. with the glaring exception of Severus in the Temple.

Since I can't commit myself to one proper, long fanfic, I'm just posting various bits and pieces written down for the stories I have ideas for.

-Lauren Yapalater I know what you're thinking... But there's so much more to Professor Quirrell than his turban, stutter, and propensity toward evil. He does not understand His powers, and does not realize that He is the Son of God. The most obvious is the fact that Jesus does not know who He is.The "precise real-life" details of the statue suggest the depiction was inspired by an actual person, a real woman who fought, Manas told Live Science in an interview.[Photos: Gladiators of the Roman Empire] It’s not known where the statue was originally found, though it is currently in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbein Hamburg, Germany.

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  1. Obviously, you don’t want to go too big, yet you don’t want to not give anything at all. DO: Get him a subscription to Netflix if he mentioned he’d like to start binge-watching “Narcos.” DON’T: Buy him a shiny new flat-screen to watch it on.

  2. And he'll do the best that he can do - working for you.' Sir Greg is famously part of the parliamentary rock band, MP4 - which also features Labour's Kevin Brennan, SNP MP Pete Wishart and former MP Ian Cawsey.