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At this point, is Josh just more impulsive, or craving commitment? So there’s nothing we articulate that isn’t an everyday part of people’s lives. Even in our dialogue, it is nobody’s mission to come up with a catchphrase of any kind.

Jay Baruchel: I think it was more just we already are seeing what Josh in courtship looks like. JB: Yeah, there’s also success and rooting for your significant other, but also feeling inadequate or even a hint of jealousy, anything like that. I think part of what makes our show as good as it is is that as kind of arch as we go in our sequences, the show works because we talk about really real, truthful, minute things. AVC: For all the flights of fancy, it’s very grounded—that’s how I’ve described it from the beginning. That being said, I think our words are as strong as anything on TV.

ANDRE: I just loved this fantasy world that each scene went to. I would just say that it’s a classic sitcom on LSD. How would you say your character fits into that world. Like this one time Jay doesn’t want to break up with this girl and I’m like, “Just fake your own death, bro”.

I thought it was like the best of sketch comedy and narrative sitcom combined. Simon is a brilliant writer, Jon Krisel is a brilliant director, I love all his stuff on Portlandia, and Andrew Singer as well, all their stuff on and the SNL digital stuff, all his stuff on Tim and Eric.

The series has a distinctly absurdist take, depicting the triumphs and perils of single life in a way never before seen on TV. The first episode sees Josh headed on a blind date with a literal troll and it only gets more bizarre from there.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the set of in Toronto, Canada.

Baruchel will play Josh Greenberg, a naive romantic on a desperate quest for love.

When his girlfriend dumps him, Josh enters the dating scene -- a nightmarish hellscape of untold horror.

Despite the agony, Josh continues his search in the hopes of finding someone who will make the misery worth it. The casting marks a return to series television for Baruchel, who most recently had roles in features and last year developed a semi-autobiographical comedy for ABC.

Canadians everywhere are mourning the latest all-Canadian celebrity couple to call it a day, as US Weekly confirmed Monday that Alison Pill and Jay Baruchel officially ended their engagement. I won’t be on twitter for awhile gang,” the Gilbert O’Sullivan-loving actor tweeted on Feb. “Getting dumped rules.” Jay Baruchel’s deleted Tweet. ’ To which she said, ‘Yes, of course.’” Baruchel told the Toronto Star at the time, adding the couple planned to tie the knot at a Montreal winery sometime in September 2012.

According to Baruchel’s Twitter account, the Knocked Up star was dumped by Pill in mid-February. In an interview with the Victoria Times Colonist last month, he explained why he and The Newsroom star failed to meet their original matrimonial time-frame.

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