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He signs up for a course with Marshall Sylver a hypnotist who seems to have a great deal in common with the likes of Jimmy Swaggart - he claims he can make you into a millionaire but when Louis asks to meet his successful clients things take a different turn. He uses hypnosis to make members of the opposite sex feel more attracted to him but for some unknown reason Louis also starts to find him strangely attractive...Louis also hooks up with Ross Jeffries who's almost a clone of T. Another eye-opening inside look at an industry that seems determinedly unattractive after Louis has finished with it but also features some of the Louis' most cringe-worthy moments of the entire series...If you operate on the “where there’s smoke there must be fire” principle you can easily wonder whether there might be some truth to the smears they spread.It is a difficult concept to accept that people will simply LIE, even give false sworn testimony under penalty of perjury, because they believe they are protecting “man’s only hope for salvation.” To begin to understand the mindset scientologists have about those who criticize any part of it, read this article: Dealing with Critics of Scientology — The L.

And here is a fairly short explanation of how disconnection is used in scientology (and how they try to spin the practice): Disconnection: the PR and the Truth An overview of the efforts by scientology to smear Leah Remini: Scientology Dead Agents* Itself And finally this is a post about the lies they tell about their “expansion”: Scientology “expansion” debunked Call your Congressman and Senator to do something about the ongoing abuses. Ask them to demand the FBI or IRS look into things with the church. Support and comment on media articles and blogs that cover the abuses (like Tony Ortega at the Underground Bunker) and express your support to A&E for stepping up and taking on scientology. Don’t ever think you have no voice or there is nothing you can do. Your support of Leah and everyone else involved is invaluable and appreciated. Knowing there are a lot of people out there on our side is comforting and gives strength.

The book came out in May and describes how Ron Miscavige introduced his son, church leader David Miscavige, to Scientology in 1969 as they looked for a solution to the 9-year-old’s asthma.

The entire family eventually got into Scientology and moved to England to pursue courses and so David could become an auditor.

Louis travels to Las Vegas to meet some of the leaders in the field of hypnosis, self-improvement.

To enroll in a course with a hypnotist Marshall Sylver who seems to have much in common with the likes of Jimmy Swaggart – he says that you can make a millionaire, but when Louis asks customers to fulfill their successful things take a different turn .

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At 55 and with a heart attack under his belt, he’s done his time and he’s had his fill. He joined the community in the early 2000s – befriending Jeffries along the way – under the pretence of being a normal guy looking to learn to pick up women.

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