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In a sense, Single Seniors is a new seniors dating site but it’s backed by plenty of know-how and a good track record.Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef mocked the electoral reform committee's final report last week, but several members returned the favour Monday after reviewing the government's new online survey on the topic.The only downside is that you don't actually swipe, but receive six matches per day (so, perfect for the laid-back Cancer).season, take some wisdom from the reality TV age by turning the lens on yourself.The video-based app At First Sight is fittingly created by host Chris Harrison.Those who are "awake" believe that the world's leaders or other secretive organizations are responsible for what happens in the world, according to Jarrod Fidden, the site's COO.Instead of using the term "conspiracy theorist," which is often "employed to discredit and ridicule," Fidden prefers the term "early adopter of inconvenient truths." "an awake partner to share your interests with — That is a true blessing.

RELATED: Music, memory and love: A longtime couple renews their relationship every day But it seems almost everyone can agree on one thing: Basic spelling errors are an issue.

Conservative MP Scott Reid said My "feels like being on a dating website designed by Fidel Castro." "No matter how hard someone tries to be against the prime minister's preferred electoral system, the survey tells them that they really do support it. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May made a similar dating site comparison after checking out the survey, which asks Canadians about their values, preferences and priorities for a political system, but not about what specific model they prefer. They forgot 'do you like pina coladas and taking walks in the rain? The federal government is mailing postcards to nearly 15 million households to promote the survey, part of its effort to include more Canadians in the electoral reform debate.

But hours after My went live, Conservatives and New Democrats dismissed it as poorly conceived and vague.

So Awake Dating was born as a premium platform for discussion, networking, and meeting others who share their interests and view of 'reality.'"The beta version of Awake Dating launched on April 13, followed by a series of short You Tube ads.

The one below features a series of people in tinfoil hats holding hands.

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With National Grammar Day on Friday (and prime dating weather just around the corner), we've got these questions on our mind — as do the folks over at online dating site Zoosk, apparently.

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  1. One study of perceptions in cyberspace demonstrated that selective nicknames or handles influence the impressions others develop of the person using them. Or consider Happy Hiker, Nautical Gal, Outdoor Lover, Walking Woman, Line Dancer, History Buff, Birder Chick, Bridge Belle, or Hookedon Books.