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The station was to warn of approaching hostile vessels, and took advantage of a natural source of fresh water which became known as the "Well of Our Lady".

The third Earl, also George, carried out a private family vendetta on the life of David Beaton, cardinal Archbishop of St Andrews. Fetternear which became the home of the Leslies of Balquhain, Wardes, and Warthill includes the remains of a 14th-century palace, home of Bishop Alexander Kininmund who, in 1320, drafted the Declaration of Arbroath, the letter sent to Pope John XXII in Avignon declaring that the Scots would never be subjected to English rule.the brother of James Malcolm David Leslie, 22nd Earl of Rothes (born 1958).The first Leslie in Aberdeenshire was Alexander who was appointed Constable of The Bass in Inverurie in 1080 on behalf of the king, his brother-in-law.The site of the castle, encompassing the Iron Age settlement, Roman signal station, an Anglo-Scandinavian settlement and chapel, the 12th-century enclosure castle and 18th-century battery, is a scheduled monument of national importance.Fortifications for a wooden castle were built in the 1130s, but the present stone castle dates from the 1150s.

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