Vs 2016 disable updating intellisense

The update to the server will re-enable the Automatic Type Acquisition (ATA) feature by default for Java Script users.

This feature greatly improves the Intelli Sense in Java Script projects and removes the need to manually install Type Script declaration files (.files).

Tools- Refresh Local Cache Solution 7: Delete file in Your Project Solution 8: Delete .psess File in your Project Solution 9: Re-Install Visual Studio ( Backup everything) Please comment below for any help or you can also give your own solutions that you encountered and solved.You can turn off an Intelli Sense option by default and invoke it through a menu command or keystroke combination.Even when an Intelli Sense option is on by default, you can explicitly invoke it.If you are trying to enable / disable to refresh the Intellisense cache because you have the red squiggly underline in your T-SQL, check out my post here to show you an easier way to refresh your Intellisense cache in SSMS.I think you can go to visual studio 2015, go to Tools \ Options \ Text Editor \ C# \ General both "Auto list members" and "Parameter information" should be unchecked.

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