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The Nets may step into a managerial role for Gotham. But Gotham is in the process of having fans be able to buy shares of stock in the franchise.

Boston Celtics foreward Jae Crowder, who is playing against the Washington Wizards in the NBA playoffs, is dating Dana Lambert. Crowder has been a member of the Celtics since 2014.

It should be right at the level of the D-League.” But with a lot more name recognition.

Gotham will play its two-month season at the newly remodeled Nassau Coliseum as well as Barclays Center.

In March 2013, his ex-wife, Amber, reported receiving threatening calls from Grate.

The police report states Grate made the call because “she hasn’t given him any financial support since their divorce in December.” Amber had custody of the child and did not allow visitation, according to the police report.

Things escalated and Lambert spit on the woman, according to TMZ’s sources.

The other woman called security and asked for a “citizen’s arrest.” They did so and LAPD officers later took Lambert into custody. Back in August 2015, The New York Post reported that Lambert took control of Crowder’s Instagram page and then posted a photo of his alleged mistress.

“At the end of the day, we’ll put on a real good product out there at a time in the dead of summer when nothing’s going on as a supplement.

"My prayers are with the families who lost their loved ones to these horrific acts.

Grate was arrested Tuesday afternoon when Ashland Police investigated a report of an abducted woman.

And despite all that, Crowder and Lambert appear to still be a couple.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Let's start with the obvious -- no Le Bron James, no Shawn Marion coming to the Cavaliers.

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